Trusted risk management advice

Uncertainty… it’s all around your organization.

It’s never been tougher to manage risks in your organization.

At RiskResults, we know that reliable information about the uncertainties you face is vital to charting your organization’s journey and key to making solid decisions about where you should focus your resources, plans and work priorities.

We can help you develop a better understanding of the potential risks and opportunities that will affect your organization’s performance. How can you add value through risk management activity to your organization?

Risk Results Consulting

RiskResults Consulting is a Canadian company specializing only in the management of risk: helping organizations strengthen the way they manage risk is all we do in strategy, operations and major projects. We are accredited risk management, business continuity planning & chartered insurance professionals and use only proven methodologies, tools and approaches in our client work.

Our company is built on our past experience as employees with well known internationally regarded risk management organizations.

Managing risk helps organizations to understand uncertainties (risk and opportunities) that preserve and/or create value… to help your organization achieve more of its mandate more effectively!
The only product of risk management is risk information that supports decision making, whether strategic, operational or project decision. It’s that simple.

The central feature of all our advisory support, tools and training underpinned by leading risk management practices we helped to author – ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (

We can help you understand and address the risks that matter most to your organization’s objectives.

Results-focused risk management advisory service.